Nhu Lan Sandwich Vietnamese Sandwich and BanhMi
6763 Wilson Blvd.Falls Church, VA. 22044. Tel: 703-532-9009
Nhu Lan Vietnamese Sandwich and BahnMi for D.C., Virginia, Maryland
What people are saying
"...I love Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and this place is my favorite in the area. ...."

--  L.P (1/19/2013)

"...the family-run Nhu Lan rewards its finders with some of the finest subs around, what the Vietnamese refer to as banh mi...."

--  Tom S (Going Out Guide; July, 2006)

"...As I taste the pork liver pate, ham, cilantro and pickled radish, I close my eyes and I'm cruising the Mekong Delta at dawn in a funky long boat, as I did a dozen years ago, just south of the city of Can Tho...."

-- Walter N, Washington Post, Feb, 2008

".... All I get is the meatball banh mi -- ridiculously delicious, savory, nicely salted, tender, beautiful meatball ..."
   -- Adam. R May, 2010

".... ....DAYMN this place is good....."
   -- R.L, Washington, Dec 2010

".... There’s bánh mě aplenty in the Eden Center...and one of the best versions can be found at this tiny deli.."
   -- A.L, Washingtonian; Best Bites Blog, Apr 2010

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