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Nhu Lan Vietnamese Sandwich and BahnMi for D.C., Virginia, Maryland
Banh Mi / Specialty Sandwiches (Only $4.00 Each)
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Combination/Banh Mi Thit Nguoi Chicken/Banh Mi Ga Vietnamese Meatball/Banh Mi Xiu Mai Pork Pate/Banh Mi Pate Cha
Shredded Pork/Banh Mi Bi Redmeat/Banh Mi Thit Do Square Sour Pork/Banh Mi Nem Fish Sandwich/Banh Mi Ca
Fish Sandwich/Banh Mi Chay

Sandwiches may contain: Spicy Peppers (jalapeņo), Onions, Bo / Asian Butter (Eggs), Pate, Pickled Vegetables

  • Che dau / blackeye bean & coconut cream
  • Che bap / sweet corn with coconut cream
  • Com Ruou / sweet rice desert
  • Banh flan / Flan with caramel
Nhu Lan Vietnamese Mini Cake
Nhu Lan Vietnamese Flat Cake
  • Banh Lot
  • Che Mu Gon
  • Che Hot E (sweet)
  • Banh Da Lon
  • Banh Bo

Deserts may contain nuts or nut by-products.

Cold Cuts Sides
  • Ham
  • Headcheese
  • Pork
  • Pate
  • Sour pork
  • Dua Mon
  • Dua Dau Heo
  • Mam Thai Chay
  • Pickles
  • Extra Meat
Catering Platter
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Nhu Lan Banh Mi Tip
All Nhu Lan Banh Mi are made fresh on the day and our Banh Mi are still fresh for 3 days after it was made if kept in the fridge.

Buy 5 Banh Mi Get 1 Free.

Treat yourself to more Banh Mi next time, keep well refrigerated for up to 3 days, then a quick warm up in a sandwich toaster or oven is all you need.
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